Director Thomas Lennon/Felix Seuffert Broadcaster WNET Production Butterfly Films/Thirteen

Directed by Academy Award winner Thomas Lennon and shot by more than 40 filmmaking teams around the world, Sacred immerses the viewer in the daily use of faith and spiritual practice. At a time when religious hatreds dominate the world’s headlines, this film explores faith as primary human experience, and how people turn to ritual and prayer to navigate the milestones and crises of private life. The film, sweeping in its global reach, yet intensely intimate, is a tour de force that unifies these scenes into a single work, told without narration, without experts and, for long stretches, without words at all.

Sacred is due to premier at the 2016 IDFA in Amsterdam

I directed and shot the Madagascar leg of the film, taking a closer look at the custom of Famahidana, a fascinating practice of unearthing and reburying one’s ancestors.